Lightweight Travelling Rig


Camera ‘Travelling Rig’ Details



Sony VG20 mated to Atomos Ninja Star Recorder

    • Star records 4:2:2 ProRes 10bit HQ video via HDMI



    • A short pair of standard 15mm rails are connected to the bottom of the camera via an adapter plate with  1/4” screw connector.



    • camera can be connected to any tripod via a quick release adapter to the Speed Booster’s Arca Swiss mount so that it remains nicely balanced



    • The Ninja Star connects to the rails via it’s included cheese plate and a 1/4” screw to 15mm rail adapter



    • using the layout shown, the Star recorder can quickly be started and stopped using your RH little finger to activate the Recorder’s red button.



    • the entire rig shown here can simply be clipped onto the big Matte Box/C Handle rig shown on other pages as required via the Speed Booster’s quick release plate.



    • Note: The LH grip handle and rail is removed when the rig is tripod mounted. It can be plugged into the back of the rail adapter for storage or used as a pan handle.



    • When off the tripod, the LH grip handle is held to improve camera balance and stabilization and it also allows thumb or forefinger to be used to adjust any of the three Zeiss 28mm - 70mm zoom ‘rings’: Focus, Zoom (includes a macro setting) and Iris



    • without the bulk of the standard 4x4” matte box, the optional ‘Cokin’ style filter holder can be used as a lens hood and takes up to two ND or Graded ND filters as required.



    • The LED ‘fill’ light shown fixed to the back of the Ninja Star’s battery has 32 bright LEDs and an internal Li-Po battery which can be charged from any standard USB post. They are designed for mobile phones co come with a ‘dummy’ 3.5mm earphone plug mount, a standard camera ‘cold shoe’ mount as well as the optional ‘sticky’ back plate and protective cover. These LED lamps can be found for around US$12 on eBay.

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